Relaxation Dentistry

Dentistry that puts you at ease

We understand that dental surgery can be intimidating and scary to some. To make your dental appointment as comfortable as possible, Yam Dental is equipped to offer different choices to reduce your anxiety.

woman receiving laughing gas in dentist chair

Local Anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia (freezing) is usually administered to numb or freeze an area so the dental work can be completed painlessly. This is the most common way to relieve any discomfort. A topical numbing gel is applied to the area and later, local anaesthesia is injected into the area.

Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas can be given to calm and numb the whole body. This process is safe and will relieve discomfort and anxiety. The nitrous oxide works only when you are breathing in it, and all effects will be cleared of your body after discontinuing its use for 15 minutes or more. Laughing gas can be safely and regularly used for both adults and children - making their dental treatment much more enjoyable.


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