Dental Surgeries

Comfortable, safe, and specialized surgeries 

At Yam Dental, our gentle and experienced dentists are here to make sure you are comfortable throughout any procedure you need to have. You can rely on us to help you with your wisdom teeth problems, root canals, and laser treatments. 

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth typically erupt in your teen years. They should be monitored and assessed to see if removal is needed. Sometimes, wisdom teeth can cause pain, damage to adjacent teeth, and increase the chance of crowding other teeth. Should you have any of these issues, give us a call. 

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Root Canal

At Yam Dental, we have been providing root canal therapy to Newmarket and the surrounding communities for over 25 years. Whether you are in need of a root canal treatment or would like general information about the procedure, Yam Dental is here to assist you.

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Laser Treatments

In our clinic, we use the Odyssey Diode Laser and the Picasso Laser. Both are safe and patient-friendly devices that can be used to perform preventative procedures and minor gum surgeries, services that were more invasive in the past.

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