Dentures & More

Implants, bridges, and dentures

When it comes to artificial teeth and bridges, you need a dentist you can rely on to get the job right the first time. At Yam Dental, our incredible team has performed countless implants and denture fittings that restore confidence in our amazing patients. 

Which can we assist you with?

full and partial denturesDentures

Whether you have lost one tooth or multiple teeth, our dentists at Yam Dental can create beautiful denture smiles with natural looking teeth that compliment your face.

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Dental model showing example of bridgesBridges

At Yam Dental, our highly qualified staff can assist you with any bridge or dental work you may need to increase stability within your mouth.

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See through dental model showing dental implantsImplants

Dental implants can be used to replace one missing tooth to a whole arch of missing teeth. At Yam Dental, we can place implants to restore your beautiful smile.

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Should you have any questions about dentures, bridges, or implant services, please call Yam Dental today at (905) 836-0836. We look forward to hearing from you!