Root Canal

We’re here to answer all of your root canal related questions

Root canal treatments are often provided by a general dentist. In other situations, your treatment may require the help of a root canal specialist – whom we have on the Yam Dental staff. 

Teeth model showing root of tooth

Our experienced team is here to make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. You can rely on us to answer any questions and to help you with your root canal needs. 


What are the most common causes for root canal treatments?

  • Deep cavity or a large filling

  • Cracked tooth

  • Physical blow to a tooth

  • An infection of the pulp (nerve)

  • Gum disease

What happens during a root canal treatment appointment?

The infected pulp is carefully cleaned out. Then the inside of the tooth is shaped and filled and sealed. Once the procedure is completed, the tooth needs a permanent filling.

Do I need a post and a crown after root canal treatment?

In most cases, a post and a crown are needed. Your dentist will assess if you need them after root canal treatment.

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