Digital X-Rays

Safe and reliable digital x-rays

Reducing Radiation Exposure

To better serve our clients at Yam Dental, we have invested in a digital radiographic system to help reduce the amount of radiation exposure. Our digital x-rays machines are equipped to take diagnostic x-rays for a single tooth, multiple teeth, and the whole jaw for orthodontic (braces) and TMJ assessments.

Dentist looking at digital x-rays on a screen

Digital x-rays emit only a fraction of the radiation as compared to traditional x-rays, and require no chemical processing and disposals. While reducing exposures for our patients, digital x-rays reduce negative impact on our environment. With digital x-rays, we are better able to diagnose caries or gum disease as the dentists can easily zoom in, brighten the images, and change the contrast to make the problems easier to see. Thus, it is a very useful tool to explain and show potential or current problems in the mouth.

Digital x-rays are safe, fast, and accurate. They will help to maximize your dental health by detecting issues - so that we can fix the problems before they get worse.

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