Cosmetic White Fillings

Fix your cavities with natural white filings

Cosmetic white fillings can be used to fix your cavities, to treat tooth decay, or to round out chipped or broken teeth.

Application of White Fillings

3D rendering of teeth with white fillings

Once a dentist determines that you will require a filling, you will be schedule to return to the dentist and receive the brief procedure. A dentist will then drill a small hole into your tooth and a composite white filling material will be inserted into your problematic tooth to prevent further damage or decay. 

The Benefits of White Fillings

Natural in colour, white fillings will blend in with the rest of your teeth and are therefore more desirable than silver metal fillings that stand out. Fillings will prevent decay from spreading to the root of your tooth and causing painful and serious infections.

Finding The Filling That’s Right For You

Our cosmetic white filling materials come in a wide array of colours and shades to match the natural colours of your teeth. Our experienced and meticulous dentists will help you choose the colours that match seamlessly with your own teeth.

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