Adult Braces

Embrace your smile with adult braces

Adult woman with braces, female dentist in background out of focusIt is estimated that one third of today’s orthodontic patients are over 18, and while treatments typically take slightly longer than those for teenage patients, adult braces still yield great results!

Embrace Your Smile

Your smile and the confidence to display it more often is reason enough to explore orthodontic treatment, but the benefits may go much further. In general, straight teeth are healthier teeth – easier to clean, less prone to decay. Correcting misalignments may also help to alleviate other health concerns.

Virtually unnoticeable new alternatives to traditional metal braces are further tipping the scales in favour of treatment for adults. Our office offers a range of treatment options including Invisalign - a series of custom-moulded clear aligners that are virtually invisible when worn.

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