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Family outdoorsAt Yam Dental, we are proud to have serviced our Newmarket clients since 1989 for their comprehensive family dental needs. Call us today, your family dentist in Newmarket, at (905) 836-0836 to find out more about how our dedicated team can help you and your family to achieve your dental goals.

Dental Cleanings

At Yam Dental, our dentists in Newmarket recommend regular visit to our dental hygienists. These visits are your best defense against gum disease and other dental problems. Our hygienists clean your teeth gently and thoroughly to make sure all the plaque and tartar, even in hard to reach areas, are removed. For more information on dental cleanings, please see Prevention of Gum Disease. At the end of the cleanings, the hygienists polish all the stains off your teeth, and you can choose if you would like a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth against cavities.

Dental Examinations

Our office recommends complete oral examination for your initial visit. During this visit, we document the condition of your teeth and your oral tissues. We also check your jaw to detect any problems with your bite. Digital x-rays may be taken after assessing your individual needs. Should you need dental treatments after we complete the examination, we will discuss with you what treatments are needed, and our administration team will advise you the cost of the treatments. If you have a dental plan, an estimate will be submitted to your insurance company for pre-determination of benefits.

Children’s Dental Visits

At Yam Dental, we welcome children with open arms. We have been providing children dentistry in Newmarket and area since 1989. We offer free consultations and gentle emergency care for your child.
For more information regarding our services to your child, please see
Children Dentistry.

Orthodontics Treatments for Children and Adults

Whether you are looking for teeth straightening for yourself or your child, you have found the right place. At Yam Dental, Dr. Yam has been providing orthodontic services to our patients in Newmarket, Bradford, Aurora, Holland Landing, Keswick and area for over 25 years. Through his commitment to continuing education and striving for perfection, Dr. Yam has helped his patients to achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. For more information on orthodontic treatments, please contact us at (905) 836-0836 for a free consultation appointment.

Fixing Cavities

At Yam Dental, we fix cavities with composite bonding material. This material comes in a variety of colour and shades. Our highly skilled and experienced dentists can match the colour of your filling to your natural teeth. No one can detect that you have had a filling done with the cosmetic white filling materials. Call us today at (905) 836-0836 for an appointment if you need a cavity fixed.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are safe, fast and accurate. They will help to maximize your dental health by detecting problems, so that we can fix the problems before they get worse. To learn how digital x-rays can help you, please see Digital X-rays and call us at (905) 836-0836 for an appointment.


Our office provides extraction services from baby teeth to impacted wisdom teeth. For patients who need more relaxation during the extraction procedure, we are proud to offer nitrous oxide sedation and dentistry asleep.