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My denture is loose, is this normal?

Through time, the bone and tissues underneath the denture may shrink, and a denture reline may be necessary to make the denture fit like brand new again.

Do I need to clean my denture?

Definitely. Dentures should be cleaned ideally after every meal to keep them from permanent staining, tartar build up, and bad breath. If possible, brushing the dentures and your own teeth are advised to removed debris trapped underneath the dentures after meals. Tooth paste that are non-abrasive and over the counter denture cleaners may be used to soak the dentures overnight to keep them clean.

Should I wear my dentures when I sleep at night?

Unless otherwise stated, it is recommended not to wear the denture when you sleep at night to allow the gum tissues to breathe, and to alleviate the pressure on your gum and bones so that you can keep them for longer and healthier.

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