Dental Implants FAQs

///Dental Implants FAQs
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Implants are a preferred method to bridges because they do not sacrifice the structures of the adjacent teeth to anchor the bridge. Implants are chosen over dentures as the latter may move and slip overtime, making them uncomfortable and, at times, embarrassing to wear.
You will not feel anything during the procedure as the area is numbed by dental anesthetic. The recovery period is associated with very little discomfort as the implants are placed gently into the jawbone. If necessary, our dentist will prescribe you with the appropriate pain medication for your discomfort while you are recovering.
It takes at least 3 months for the implant to bond well to the jawbone. This waiting period is necessary for a stable foundation, which is essential for the success of the treatment.
After the implant fused to your jawbone, you are ready to move to the next phase when we will start making new teeth for you. The entire procedure from the surgical implanting to getting your new teeth is typically 4 to 6 months.
In selective cases, the implants are placed on the same day as teeth extractions, minimizing surgical procedures.
Bone grafting is done to build up the deficient bone area in your jaw. The goal is to rebuild a solid foundation to the supporting bone where the implants will be placed. Not all implant patients need bone grafting, this procedure is done when there is not sufficient bone in the future implant site.

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