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Kathleen is a Registered Dental Hygienist with over 25 years experience! She has been with our team at Yam Dental since the very beginning in 1989. She has seen many of our patients through a lifetime of smiles, and is now seeing the children of those same patients! She brings much experience as well as a unique enthusiasm to the office. While Kathleen enjoys all facet of dental hygiene care, she finds that dental laser treatment is the most rewarding as she sees patients experience tremendous improvement in their periodontal (gum) health.

Kathleen belongs to the York Region Dental Hygienist Society and has volunteered for the ALS Outreach Program in providing dental hygiene care for patients who are unable to attend their dental appointments in an office setting.


Linda is a Registered Dental Hygienist who has been working with us at Yam Dental since 1989. She began her career with Dr. Yam by working as a receptionist and a Certified Dental Assistant, but then returned to school to earn her diploma in Dental Hygiene in 1993. Along with periodontal therapy, Linda is also highly trained in orthodontics as well as laser therapy.

Linda belongs to her professional organization and dedicated to the prevention and treatment of gum disease. When not at the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.


Susie is a Registered Dental Hygienist who graduated in 1994 from Durham College. Since the very beginning of her career, she has worked along side Dr. Yam. She enjoys educating patients on the prevention of gum disease, seeing our orthodontic patients, as well as treating children and helping them to develop good habits that will keep them smiling for a lifetime! In her free time, Susie is an avid runner and has even qualified for the Boston Marathon. She also donates her time to treating ALS patients in their homes. Having grown up in the Holland Marsh, Susie loves the Newmarket area and seeing many of our long-time patients.


Shirley is a Registered Dental Hygienist who has been working as an important member of our team at Yam Dental right after graduating from Durham College in 2002. She is proficient in all aspects of dental hygiene; including orthodontics, laser therapy, and helping patients maintain a healthy smile. Shirley strives to improve her skills and knowledge by takes continuing education courses regularly. In her free time, Shirley enjoys baking, sewing and taking walks.


Tiffany is a Registered Dental Hygienist, graduating in 2003 from Durham College. She has had the pleasure of working along side Dr. Yam for the entirety of her career! Tiffany’s commitment to health extends not only to her practice of dental hygiene, but into her love of fitness. She is a CPFA Certified Fitness Instructor and leads a very active lifestyle!

She enjoys spending time with friends and family, as well as volunteering with Fins and Fluke to benefit marine life welfare and environmental health. As a member in good standing with the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association, Tiffany takes many courses to remain current and advance her knowledge in many different facets of dentistry.


Dana joined our team in 2009 as a Registered Dental Hygienist. After graduating from Durham College, Dana almost immediately began her career at our office. She enjoys all aspects of dental hygiene, but especially loves working with our many orthodontic patients. She remains current in the field of dental hygiene through continuing education courses, and is eager to further her knowledge and skills. Dana is known for her gentle and yet thorough approach to scaling as has quickly become an important member of the Yam Dental team. When not working, Dana is an avid fundraiser for Breast Cancer research, and enjoys movies and camping.